Workshop: Developing Faith-Sharing Communities -
Connecting Faith to Life


On September 20 and 21, the walls of Emmaus Hall resounded with good story-telling and conversation , as eleven enthusiastic people participated in the Workshop: Developing Small Christian Communities-Connecting Faith to Life !   


Fr. Laurian  Janicki, OFM, and Barbara Miller facilitated the

 activities of exploring the possibilities of faith-sharing groups in the surrounding parishes-both Byzantine and Roman Rites.  After an overview presentation and several exercises of facilitating, dialogue, and working and “breaking bread” together, the interest and zeal of the gathering were obvious.  The discussion included suggestions for the initiation of one beginning group over the next 12 months.   


All departed from their weekend venture ready and willing to discern the pioneer role and leadership in the endeavor of connecting Scripture-God’s Word to our life-stories!